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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Are You Marketing Smart?

No not are you a smart marketer.

What I mean by marketing smart is are you using the most effective strategies to get your marketing objectives fulfilled?

If one of your strategies is to become known as an expert in your field I suggest you look very seriously at all the different video upload sites that are now available, including, and

You can upload video as Seth Godin is doing, you check out his “All Marketers Are Liars” video on Google now.

In it Seth dispenses pithy advice.

And more importantly continues to build his reputation as an expert and guru.


By showing himself talking to an audience, reacting to what he says and from him delivering thought-provoking content - IN PERSON.

Remember a study reported by Reuters shows the BBC is losing part of it’s audience to the web. Millions more than last year are accessing the BBC’s web site.

As the web increases its importance further I suspect we’ll see more and more individual viewing stations (like the Archos Digital Video Recorder or similar) and a further decline in TV.

That means if you want to position yourself as an expert you need to get some video uploaded so people can see what you do.

After all Seth Godin knows what he’s talking about. He's marketing smart and he's uploading lots of video. For instance here’s another video of him talking at GEL 2006.

Note: GEL is "Good Experience Live" and is a conference and a community looking for good experience in its many different forms across art, business, life, technology and society.

So think hard about whether your business can benefit from video. Remember currently internet video is great value compared to TV. But like TV it wont stay that way.

For a company that can make you a high definition video for the new TV format and also for the Internet try Cut N Copy Media. Based in Manchester they’re run by Adrian Leggett the producer behind the fantastically successful “Dr. Dolittle”, “42nd Street” and “Summer Holiday” and is credited with being the first producer to make a “Filmed Making of a Theatrical Show” for ITV in the UK.

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