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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What Are The Top 25 Marketing Bloggs?

Top Marketing Blogs as defined by their traffic rating in Alexa are listed by Mack Collier at Viral Gardens Blog.

As a race we all love statistics so it’s a powerful way of communicating what everyone else is doing.

It allows us to follow everyone else and see what they’re finding at those blogs.

I thought I’d check Mack’s own traffic ranking at Alexa and found that it’s 131,783 compared to 11,018 for his first list entry and 430,378 for the twenty fifth entry on his list.

So Mack should really be at 13a and above Marketing Roadmaps.

In fact I suspect this posting has been responsible for the top blog (Seth Godin) to go up to 8,818 rank now.

Interestingly enough Seth’s web site has a much lower ranking than his blog. The web site rank is 30,667.

For comparison purposes and to show that “Marketing For Power Packed Business Growth” is an undiscovered Gem my ranking is 5,422,486. Although my ranking was at 2,980,459 a few weeks ago when I was blogging about “The Apprentice” TV show.

But anyway I obviously have some way to go then!

I would encourage anyone researching web sites and in particular blogs to use to find out about them as probably the most powerful thing that Alexa shows are the sites that someone goes to after leaving the site you’re looking at.

The only thing to bear in mind is that Alexa compiles this information from people who install the Alexa toolbar so the data is slightly skewed as not everyone has it - I don’t for instance.

Mack also notes that the list is incomplete and was only what he found. A fact you can see from the comments against the post. Good posting though. Well done Mack.

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