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Monday, May 15, 2006

How Can I Find Out What I Should Sell My Customers?

You've sold your customer your product or service.

You have other products and services that you offer.

How do you know which one your customer could use?

You ask them...

Maybe you're thinking it would take ages to ask every customer you've got.

In which case use a survey.

So using the principle of testing what you deliver...

I created a survey last year using

This is one of many sites that allow you to design, create and host surveys. There are many, many others

The survey was originally written to find out the exact answers to the question "what do my potential clients want?"

I've re-opened the survey for this month so you can check it out.

You can help me by filling in this 10 question survey because I'm interested in your opinions now.

When you've completed it you'll understand quite how powerful a survey can be.

If you want to find out what you can sell to your customers you can ask them a series of matrix style questions. This is demonstrated in the survey.

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