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Monday, May 08, 2006

Robert Collier, The Master Copywriter Sums Up Marketing in 3 Sentences

Robert Collier, master copywriter said in his famous book:

"Hundreds of books have doubtless been written about the fine art of fishing, but the whole idea is contained in that one sentence: “What bait will they bite on?” Thousands of articles have been written about the way to use letters to bring you what you want, but the meat of them all can be compressed into two sentences: “What is the bait that will tempt your reader? How can you tie up the thing you have to offer with that bait?” "

From The Robert Collier Letter Book - 1937

What’s that mean to the entrepreneur who wants to get their product or service out into a hungry market?

You Must Know Your Customers

Really know them.

Ask yourself and your customers some searching questions:

  • What is the average life-time value of your customers?

  • Why do your best customers buy from you?

  • Why do some prospects not buy from you?

  • What is your target market passionate about?

  • When they buy from you is there anything else they buy almost immediately afterwards?

  • What products or services can you provide that you know customers and prospects really want?

You are likely competing with other companies in your business. Maybe in your area, maybe in your country and certainly world-wide.

Remember prospects don’t know that your service is fantastic and wont believe it anyway, until you’ve demonstrated it. They’re unaware of your attention to details, the quality of your offering or anything else that they assume should be there.

The only differentiator from your competition you have is the way you use your marketing.

Robert Collier wrote about direct mail letters and his understanding of people’s psychology applies just as well to all the other direct response methods of marketing.

Think About Ways Your Prospect Finds You...

  • Cold called by you

  • Received a letter or email

  • Saw an ad (newsprint, tv, ezine, RSS, website, blog...)

  • Heard an ad (radio, podcast, CD)

  • Saw Yellow pages entry

  • Through a referral.

All prospects know is what they found out in the way they came to you.

It can take 8, or more, contacts before a contact actually buys anything from you.

That’s why marketing is vital for getting qualified leads to sell to.

And why Robert Collier’s quote is so important to understand.

What you’re doing is providing a product or service and tempting people to buy from you, rather than your competitor.

How Do You Tempt Your Prospects?

By knowing what your market really wants...

Which you’ve discovered from asking the searching questions.

For your customers the most attractive bait will sway them to go with you.

So giving them something from your slow-moving stock wont work.

If stock is slow-moving that means your prospects or customers aren’t interested in it.

As Robert Collier says give your customers and prospects great bait and you’ll get more sales.

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