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Friday, May 12, 2006

Does Your Company Have A Core Story Too?

USP or Unique selling point, unique selling position, unique strategic position.

They're what everyone aspires to have.

Many years ago I attended a seminar called "Millionaire Mind" and at that seminar I was introduced to the core story.

It's a story that you create for the market you're in.

So for example if you're selling shoes you'd create something like "The Story Of The Shoe".

In the story you'd provide statistics about shoes, shoe selling, shoe shops, high value shoes, quality shoes and problem shoes.

You'd tell people how shoes reflect who you are. The number of pairs you own show what social and wealth level you're at and so on...

The result is that when you talk to your prospective customers about shoes they'll know you're an expert. When you give the core story to your salespeople they'll also be seen as experts.

Everyone wants to buy from the best they can afford. So that means in educating people about shoes they'll understand that they need to buy shoes from you.

It's all about positioning yourself as the logical choice for buying shoes.

In the same way you need to establish yourself with a core story for your industry. Simply said that means that your customers need to be educated as to their own market and then be shown how your company is really the only one that can help them.

One client I explained the core story to (in more detail admittedly)started using some of the concepts and found that his customers and prospects were blown away.

If you're in a number of different markets it's perfectly possible to have several different core stories.

How you deliver a core story doesn't matter. It just has to be appropriate for the situation. So sometimes it can be just by talking to the prospect, others by using Powerpoint and others with flipchart and marker.

So think about your markets core story. You can differentiate yourself from your competition by delivering a great core story.

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