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Friday, May 12, 2006

The Apprentice UK: Now What?

OK so the Apprentice has been anointed.

Now what?

Is the BBC going to leave us high and dry without any interesting business programmes until the next series of Apprentice?

Perhaps we should ask them to follow Michelle as she gets stuck into creating a new company for Sir Alan.

Given her technical background and that she was a programme manager she should have no problem with it. Good luck to her.

As to the other Apprentices I'm looking forward to hearing more from Ruth and Ansell - what will they go onto and achieve.

I wish the other apprentices good fortune too as they all helped to make a highly entertaining show.

I bought Sir Alan's first series book and found it a very interesting insight into Sir Alan's thinking.

The second series book is out now and sounds very similar - the key difference obviously being that there are different apprentices and tasks!

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