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Friday, May 26, 2006

Has Your Business Reached A Profit Plateau. No Matter What You Do?

As businesses grow they go through a number of stages, until they become an IBM, a Virgin, a Ford, a British Airways or other huge brand.

Did they all find it easy?

The pat answer is obviously no...

There were other companies at the time they each started that were doing as well as they were or maybe even better.

Certainly in IBM's case they had several technically superior competitors like DEC in the mini market.

So why did each of these companies succeed?

The answer to that is simple.

Let me explain by example... Look at Virgin Atlantic. At the time Sir Richard Branson had no experience at all in running an airline.

How did he give himself the best chance of success? He brought in Sir Freddy Laker who’d tried to do the same and asked his advice. He surrounded himself with other successful people from the airline industry and with that strong base he achieved his dream.

IBM asked Microsoft for a personal computer based operating system. You can see where that got IBM - they suddenly leapt into the lead in the personal computer business. In fact their computer was so important that almost every other computer maker, game maker or application developer had to be IBM-compatible.

These companies didn't get to where they are today without advice.

It doesn't mean they took all the advice.

For instance Richard Branson was told that he'd lose his shirt by running an airline. Years later his airline successfully flies world-wide. What it does mean is that you don't re-invent the wheel yourself. You build on what has gone before. That is the experience and advice of people who've been there before, or nearbye!

About 18 months ago I produced a book called "How To Leap Ahead Of Your Competitors" aimed at the SME market. I produced the book as I recognised that smaller businesses couldn't afford to pay anything for business growth and marketing advice. So many people asked me for it that about 12 months ago I created "Business Growth Coaching By Email".

This type of coaching was purely so that even the most cash-constrained SME had some marketing support.

What Is “Coaching By Email?”

I took one of my regular monthly coaching slots (at £300 per month) split it into 2 monthly email coaching slots (at £75 per month). The coaching itself is a little like distance learning except that everything is structured to help the coachee’s particular business. It involves structured coaching with coachees asking questions, getting advice, copy snippets and other resources specifically for their business by email. The coachee sends 3 emails per month and they're answered within 2 working days. So far I've given advice on things like yellow page ads, advertising, tradeshows, direct response letters, business cards, brochures, email campaigns and sales staff recruitment.

What’s The Point?

Because the plain fact is if you do what you've always done you'll reach your profit plateau. And worse my mantra: you don’t know what you don’t know!

So to get from the flat profit plateau up to the foothills of higher profits you need some assistance.

You need a Sherpa to point you to the marketing pass that will help you get further up the competition Everest! There are marketing gurus, experts and consultants of all hues and abilities just choose one you can trust. If you'd like to try email coaching email me at Acorn Service and I'll tell you a little more about the way it works.

Also check out to sign up for a free seminar series by email on "How To Push Yourself Above The Profit Plateau.

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