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Saturday, May 27, 2006

What Happens When The World Cup Is On?

Does the whole world suddenly slump in front of their TVs, or start watching matches and highlights over broadband?

Maybe they walk around simply watching 2 minutes on their 3G mobile phones?

The world cup will stop everyone working, won't it?

It's also known as "the sky's falling in".

Of course that just isn't going to happen. People will still go to work, they'll still discuss last night's TV, the latest film, the lastest political big issue.

It's just that there'll be a split in the market: those who care about football, those who care about their country winning, whatever it is, and those who couldn't careless about the world cup.

Now you know as well as I do that almost all advertising is aimed at the football worshipping public.

Yet think about the significant minority who don't like or couldn't be bothered about the World cup...

That's an untapped market.

What do they want? Maybe they'd like mini breaks away from the football playing regions. Or perhaps earphones, or a brand new personal video recorder - like the Archos AV 500.

So they can do their own stuff while everyone else gets on with the World cup.

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