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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Da Vinci Code's Lesson For Business

The Da Vinci Code launches in the UK on the 18th May.

According to the Daily Mail reviewer today it's not as good as it's hyped. Although Ian McKellen is apparently excellent in it.

The reviewer admitted it would be a blockbuster whatever the reviewers said.

He's right.

You know why?

Sony have been getting Da Vinci stuff all over the place. It's on the Internet in several different forms. It's own site, in conjunction with other sites and has been talked through newspapers and magazines ad nauseum.

Of course the court case that Dan Brown recently went through must have been manna from heaven to Sony's marketing team.

I was quite suprised the Mona Lisa hadn't been stolen as a publicity stunt!

I'm looking forward to see The Da Vinci Code. Time will tell whether I or the rest of the great British public enjoy it or not.

If we don't and we feel we've been taken for a ride by Sony's massive marketing muscle word of mouth will soon stop people. Stop them from going to this film or the next one made from a Dan Brown book.

Beware becasue not delivering on a marketing promise is the best way I know to find your customers slipping away from you.

So under-promise and over deliver. It may mean you lose some sales. But would you rather lose all your customers?

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