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Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Apprentice Quote Competition

The Apprentice

So we've had the first task out of the way.

Andy Jackson was the first to go from the boardroom. As I've already posted I thought it was deserved.

There are other opinions over on my specialist The Apprentice site. Interestingly people have voted to say they thought two other candidates should have been fired instead of Andy!

Over the last few days I've been having a bit of a laugh over the "management speak", buzzwords and silly phrases the candidates use. I'm sure they're simply speaking to fill the time they're on camera with lots of shots of them speaking and seeming very able and aware of business.

Competition For The Best Apprentice Quote

So I'm having a competition to nominate the best (whatever I mean by that!) quote taken from the overall series.

To enter is simple:

  1. add a comment on any Apprentice post with the quote you think should win the "best Apprentice Quote Competition"
  2. Include the episode and context you noticed it used and by whom
  3. One week after the end of the series I'll judge who's quote I like the most
  4. It's just for fun, although I will look at your site and link back to it if you win.

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