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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sir Alan Sugar You're Fired!

The Apprentice

The Daily Mail has an article where they discuss whether Sir Alan Sugar wants to do the fourth series of The Apprentice. Or horror! Even whether the BBC wants Sir Alan to do the next series.

A name that was strongly linked to The Apprentice in the article is Duncan Bannatyne.

As a popular member of Dragon's Den he has the public profile to carry the show. He also doesn't suffer fools gladly - a key part of the boardroom confrontations.

Sir John Harvey-Jones, the original BBC Troubleshooter, was also mentioned. I do think Sir John is fantastic but I question whether he'd want to do this series as he appears to be in semi-retirement.

To my mind there are some other obvious people who could be approached...


  • Sir Richard Branson (Virgin)
  • Sir Gerry Robinson (Ex-Granada)
  • Julian Richer (Richer Sounds)
  • Peter Jones (Dragon's Den)

And of course the rest of Duncan Bannatyne's motley crew of Dragon's Den colleagues.

To help us all to decide who should be chosen I've set up a poll on my Squidoo The Apprentice site, vote for who you think should be chosen - you may find a surprise on the list of people I've suggested!

As for me? I'm still happy with Sir Alan - long may he fire people!


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