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Monday, April 16, 2007

Trackbacks Added Into Blogger Blog

Haloscan implemented track backs for Blogger an ice age ago. I couldn't spare the time to learn about and implement it.

Luckily I came across an easy to follow blog post on "how to add Trackbacks to blogger."

Now this blog has the word track after the tags on each post.

As you probably know a trackback aids in linking blogs. Usually to acknowledge and build on something you've seen in a blog or something that someone has seen in your own blog.

I've always thought Trackbacks seemed too much work so I've noted interesting posts (such as my previous post about Michel Fortin's List of Top Copywriters) and that seems to have worked pretty well.

Anyway I'm looking at trackbacks as a bit of a test to see whether it's worth the extra work.

I'll let you know!

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