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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Write Ad, Brochure or Website Copy That Sells

I've been getting people landing on this blog looking for hints and tips for producing brochures.

And of course they want to have brochures that sell.

In all the time I've been writing brochure, white paper, case study and web copy I've gathered together a lot of useful information. As I've gone along I've also added posts to this blog to help business owners with time on their hands to write their own copy!

So in the interests of helping anyone else that needs copywriting information allow me to give you a few of the links around this blog that give tips on brochure copy, Ad and web copy.

There are many more links than this, so have a check yourself too.

Then after I'd looked for these links I realised that you probably want to know where other useful stuff is too.

So the blog contains other copywriting resources and links to FREE books on subjects by Jay Abraham (stealth marketing), Ted Nicholas(copywriting), Brad Fallon(SEO) and others. All of these books will help you increase your profits.

And of course check out my Amazon book recommendations too (button at the top of the post) for motivating and inspiring books by Dragon's Den favourite Duncan Bannatyne and business knights Sir Alan Sugar and Sir Richard Branson.

Enjoy and prosper.


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