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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Do You Act Now, Delay, Or Are You All Talk?

Should I stop, or should I go?I've been coaching and mentoring for 10 years now and I see three types of people and a pattern of their actions that emerges from coaching.

The three types of people are:

  • Those that take action
  • Those that take action, too late
  • Those that say they'll take action

People ask me to coach them for any number of reasons, and they include:

  • Acting as their sounding board
  • Highlighting issues they're unaware of
  • Providing operational business advice
  • Providing career advice
  • Providing copywriting advice
  • Being their push to action

In fact you name it and people ask me for my thoughts on it.

So do I have all the answers then? Obviously the answer to that is no! Often I know how to get to the answer. That can be by analysing the clients business and/or career or by ringing up some trusted associates in related fields and asking for their answers.

Once my client has the answers at their finger tips the three types of people come into play.

Those that take action just get on and do it. They make sure they get their money's worth from their coaching.

The rest simply jot it down in their notebook, or add it into their computer file.

The ones who delay action may delay it so long that the reason for taking the action has passed or the action costs significantly more than if actioned earlier.  They may end up paying for an ineffective action.

The people who say they'll take action and don't are paying for the privilege, after all they're paying for coaching. And coaching becomes a significant cost for them as there is no upsurge in profits to balance the coaching fees.

As a coach you do try and push people to take massive immediate action. In the final analysis you really can't lead a horse to water and make them drink.

The lesson is, if you know you delay action, or really don't take action make it clear to your coach before starting your relationship. That way the coach can tailor what they say and how they say it to really help you take some useful actions.


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