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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Are You One Of The People Who Thinks This Is The Most Important Part Of Your Web Site?

Do you think your web site home page is an opportunity to wax lyrical about how good you are at delivering your service or how your product is a world beater?

Maybe you'd draw my attention to your "About" or "Contact Us" page where you describe your team in exquisite detail.

Or perhaps its the page depth that you want to impress me with?

So what is the most important part of your web site?

It's the intention behind it. What is the one main thing you want it to achieve?

If you achieve that one main thing then your web site is exactly right and you can be justly proud of it.

But if it doesn't achieve your main aim and even though it may win design award piled on design award it's failed its job.

So how do you make sure that your web site does the job?

By writing down your main aim and have it on a piece of paper you can see when you look up from your steaming computer to take that welcome cup of coffee or wedge of pizza.

Yes, you can have other aims. But your main aim needs to be the focus for the site otherwise you can get sidetracked.

Maybe you're thinking what do aims look like?

"Easily read". Is my first thought. "Obvious", is my second.

So an aim is such as:

"The main aim of this web site is to sell the book titled "How To Undertake Tasks successfully" to every visitor, whether they are new or returning and provided they haven't already bought the book".

Another could be:

"The main aim of this web site is to provide enough information for every visitor to be able to program in HTML using the 'Simply' Text Editor."

Consider it the web site strategy.

How you fulfill that main aim or strategy is then down to which marketing tactics you employ.

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