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Friday, January 20, 2006

The Business World Is A Zoo. Which Animal Are You?

Do you want to do business with the "Business Lions?" Those blue chip companies who sweep all competition before them. They roar with success and eat up any opposition.

To do so you must be confident that your firm can meet the Lions needs.

Maybe you're a Jackal and have come in as an expert to advise and deliver their project. You'll think they're allowing you to take their money. But it's their money and they can stop you from getting it any time they want. You're expendable. Simply by roaring at you and getting you out of their way and out of their offices.

Are you a "Vulture?" Taking what's left after the Lions finish setting up their own projects. You'll get a little money for clearing up but not much beyond that.

Or are you a "Wildebeast?" Too slow to see the Lions coming and taken down and spat out? You'll never know because you'll be used to get free consultancy and you'll never get a sale from them.

Perhaps you're an "Elephant". Able to meet a Lion on their own patch. You're not a Lion yourself but you know how to deal with them. You can take them on and win. And if they try and roar and take more than their fair share you can nudge them with one of your giant feet and they'll soon change their tune.

So which one are you?

It all depends on what's going on in your head.

If you think you're not worthy to even talk to them or you know you're the best and can help both of you make money.

Guess what?

You're right...

If you know you're a Wildebeast, a Vulture or a Jackalyou need immediate help.

Get a coach before the Lions get to you.

Good hunting!

(PS Email me at web at for the "Top 10 Tips To Becoming A Business Elephant".)

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