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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Who Else Wants To Get Great Copy Written?

Copywriters, good copywriters are all around you.

But how do you find the good copywriter who makes your site sell, your brochure alluring or your direct mail damned good?

There are several ways, let me list a few:

  • The Yellow Pages, on and off-line
  • People you meet at business network meetings
  • Referrals from people you trust
  • Looking at copy you'd buy from and asking for the name of the copywriter
  • Using the Internet

The first 4 ways to find a copywriter are easy.

If you use the Internet you'll find it more difficult. As one example The Text Wizard's site lists copywriting keywords and common mispellings.

Nothing wrong with that particularly but because he's stuffed a page with all the mispellings and actually some correct spellings too his site rises nicely up the pages onto the top Google page for quite a few of those keywords.

And to make sure he repeats each keyword in a second block. So as an example here is the first block of his chosen keywords:

"copywriting, copywriters, copywriter, copywritng, copywritiing, copwyriting, copy writing, copy writng, copy writers, copy writer, copy-writing, copy-writng, copy-writers, copy-writer, copyriting, copyriters, copyriter, copy riting, copy riters, copy riter, copy-riting, copy-riters, copy-riter, copyrighting, copyrighters, copyrighter, copy righting, copy righters, copy righter, copy-righting, copy-righters, copy-righter, coppywriting, coppywriters, coppywriter, coppy writing, coppy writers, coppy writer, coppy-writing, coppy-writers, coppy-writer

copyediting, copyeditors, copyeditor, copy-editing, copy-editors, copy-editor, copy editing, copy editors, copy editor, coppyediting, coppyeditors, coppyeditor, coppy-editing, coppy-editors, coppy-editor, coppy editing, coppy editors, coppy editor

proofreading, proofreaders, proofreader, proof-reading, proof-readers, proof-reader, proof reading, proof readers, proof reader, prooofreading, prooofreaders, prooofreader, prooof-reading, prooof-readers, prooof-reader, prooof reading, prooof readers, prooof reader, profreading, profreaders, profreader, prof-reading, prof-readers, prof-reader, prof reading, prof reader, prof readers, prooffreading, prooffreaders, prooffreader, prooff-reading, prooff-readers, prooff-reader, prooff reading, prooff readers, prooff reader"

He misses out an obvious phrase such as "UK copywriting" which only has 1,280 hits on Google.

The Text Wizard happens to be an excellent copywriter and I find his site fun to read. But if he wasn't. If his copywriting skills were basic, or borderline garbage. You might still try him out as he'd appeared well up in the Google ratings.

If you'd prefer to write your own copy check out my favourite people:

Obviously there are lots of others including Jay Abraham, Ted Nicholas, Dan Kennedy, Michael Fortin and loads of great UK copywriters too.

But if you really want to write your own copy look at all their stuff and copy it out. It trains your brain!

If you don't really want to do your own copywriting look at copy other people write. Make your decision based on whether you like and feel almost compelled to buy what they're selling in their copy.

Go to it...

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