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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Gary Halbert Spills Some Of Those Copywriting Secrets

You never stop learning and applying each little marketing and business wrinkle you come across. Gary Halbert has attended Copywriting 101 seminars despite being one of the copywriting gurus.

So I learn too and read up on other copywriters, such as Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero who blogs at Red Hot Copywriting and I'm also a subscriber to her ezine.

Her ezine is more up to date than either her web site or her blog and I've taken a snippet from her current ezine as I think it makes some great copywriting points.

As an aside I note that Lorrie and I share the same high opinion of Gary Halbert's copywriting ability.

The snippet relates to some of the points she notes after talking to Gary during his "Root Canal Seminar":

3) The STRONGEST 0ffer You Can Make is "Send no money now!"

4) How to Increase Response and Decrease Refunds. A "double your money back" guarantee will not only double your response rate but reduce refunds by the same.

5) Gary's Deceptively Simple Secret to Writing Copy: Have something to say. Use storytelling and statistics to deeply involve the reader.

7) To Improve Internet Response, Gary recommends removing cl!ck here links and only 0ffer a phone option. He claims you have to get them out of the fast-surfing, expect-it-for-free environment. Likens it to how a man or woman behaves in a bar versus church. Same person; different mentality

The last point about using phone only I'm currently using. But purely because my client hasn't got round to creating an ecommerce page for his products.

That said I do think the Internet does have a culture of get it cheap, or better free. So we'll see how the phone only works.

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