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Monday, December 19, 2005

What Happens If You Copy Someone Else's Advert?

The Wizard Academy - Monday Morning Memo waxes lyrical about the 4 different ad types:

Franchise Ads

Category Ads

Product Specific Ads

Store Specific Ads

This story of a high-class jewlery shop "Store Specific" Christmas Ad teaches a very useful lesson about the vital profit inducing importance of using your own specific advertising to get your message across.

The point was that the ad that had been produced for shop had no directions, phone number or anything else.

It relied on it's audience knowing all about the store's Systine Chapel-like beauty and it's beautiful jewelery and knowing that it was the best.

The shop said their target audience was rich women in their forties. Like any good advertising consultant Roy H Williams disagreed and targeted the radio ad at the buyers - men.

The Jewellery Store Ad Campaign
The ad started off as follows:

Ladies, many of you will be fortunate enough this Christmas to find a small, but beautifully wrapped package under your tree bearing a simple gold seal that says 'Heisenberg's.' Now you and I both know there's jewelry in the box. But the man who put it there for you is trying desperately to tell you that you are more precious than diamonds, more valuable than gold, and very, very special.

What man on Earth who could remotely afford such a package could resist that message?

Needless to say the shop had an amzing Christmas. But ...

Should You Copy That Ad?

Well think about this...

A jewellers in another city used the Ad for themselves and had their worst ever Christmas.

The reason?

Everyone in that city knew that the jeweller didn't have the same very high class reputation that the audience of the first ad knew the shop in their city had. So although they'd got a free advert (they didn't pay for it's creation) they lost money by running it for themselves.

What Should You Do With A Good Ad?

How does that help you?

Good question. My answer is this ...

When you find an Ad that works for another company. By all means look at it or listen to it and don't copy it.

Instead analyse it. Or better, get a direct response copywriter to analyse it. Then produce a new ad that incorporates some of the aspects of the original ad - and only if you know those aspects speak to your market.

Does That Work For Internet Advertising?

Do you think it will apply to Internet Advertising or pay per click advertising?

You know my answer to that conudrum:

"Direct response methods work in any medium because the audience they target have the same psychological make-up they've always had"

So go and analyse and create your own.

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