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Friday, December 16, 2005

New Research Shows the 4 Major Internet Search Engines Have grown Their Volumes

Just when you thought the Internet was at saturation Neilsen/NetRatings comes out with research showing that the number of Internet searches made was 5.1 billion, a leap of 15% over just 5 months ago.

Ask Jeeves has just over 2% volume share of this search market but has grown by 77%.

Google is the major player with about 48% of the search volume and it's nearest rival was Yahoo with 22% of the search volume.

You can see exactly why Google is so important to everyone.

So what does that mean to your average marketeer?

"Lets go concentrate on Google. Now!"

Well hold on there a minute ...

Ask Jeeves may only have just over 2% of the volume but that's still 133,932,000 searches. And it may be that the people using it are a particular group of people.

Remember you don't produce the product until you know you have a ravenous crowd of people who desperately want something.

So you could go onto AskJeeves (USA) or AskJeeves (UK) to find the most popular search terms. At the moment the most popular are respectively, "Christmas decorations" and "Lottery." But there are other terms showing there too.

So don't dismiss a niche search engine so quickly because you could have people searching for exactly the item or service you can, or could, provide.

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