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Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Top 20 Most Blogged About Books

The New York Times has compiled a hit list of the "most blogged about books".

5,000 Top Blogs

The list was selected by using an automated survey of the 5,000 most popular blogs. Each reference to each blog is shown with a blog URL so you can go check out what they say about it.

This is a great way for working out which books have impacted people the most. Although the survey doesn't note whether the references are negative or positive.

But from a marketeer's point of view you've just been handed access to the top 5,000 blogs with the most traffic. Do you think you can find some that match with your own market?

I bet you can.

"Getting Things Done"

One of the books 'Getting Things Done,' by David Allen has already been mentioned by this blog. And no apparently I haven't reached the top 5,000 blogs with most traffic - but we're working on it! So it's quite likely that the blogs that referenced it will have a similar audience to this one.

Create An Audience-related Offer

When you have collected the blogs that relate to your own audience you can think about what you could offer that blogs audience that will really help them, and help the blog site. Once you've done that email the blogger and outline your offer to their audience.

Creating offers is a whole new ball game and has to be done very carefully and aimed exactly at the audience you're trying to attract.

So for example. Checking the entry for "Getting Things Done" one of the blogs that references the book is 43 Folders. The blog audience for 43 Folders is interested in improving their personal productivity. They probably run their own personal and business projects. What could I offer them that would help them improve their productivity?

What do you think ...

How To Create A Relevant Offer

One thing would be my own RAM spreadsheet (Risk Assessment & Management spreadsheet, written in Excel) or I could offer them a booklet I've written called "Cut The Elephant Into Bite Size Chunks Before You Eat It" - it's about how to create manageable tasks for any project.

But whatever it is, it has to be focused on how it would help them, otherwise why would they "listen" to you? Let alone think long enough about whether they want your offer.

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