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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Press Releases Can Be Bad For Your Image

PR can be bad for your image, what do you think?

I think it depends who bothers with your image.

Because when it comes down to it people couldn't care less about your brand.

When Microsoft started they didn't have a brand - it evolved. Rather like Windows!

What your prospects are looking for is a service or product they believe they can rely on.

Just think about this...

If image and branding is so important why do the corner shops still do business? Their image is not the best, the branding ... well it's non-existent.

Some weeks ago I was discussing the importance of PR with a client. They use a different PR agency to me - which in my book is great, they get two views of what PR can do for you.

They're being given a show award at an award ceremony in Warwick.

As the Publicity Hound has mentioned before, and as I agree, standard publicity would have a photo of two big cheeses shaking hands with a

  • certificate
  • cup
  • medal
  • other object

being handed from one to the other.


So as the award ceremony was near Christmas I suggested they should have a bit of a wackier ceremony. Get Santa Claus involved.

My client sells very nice Far Infra Red Saunas so I suggested that the award being given by Father Christmas in the sauna.

Ok the image presented may not look as professional as two people in suits...

But it will show a company who're willing to have a laugh and the press are going to look more favourably on it than the standard boring award ceremony.

But the award is going to be done the 'safe' way because it's felt that it need to look professional.

That's a shame but the client has to feel comfortable with any PR suggestion otherwise it just wont work anyway.

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