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Thursday, December 01, 2005

'Embrace blogging' Harvard says

Well it had to happen didn't it? That great American institution Harvard says businesses should 'Embrace blogging'. This is taken from an article by

Check out the Harvard Business School's site you can see there are at least two recent articles about blogging. One by Sun Microsystems President Jonathan Schwartz who explains how blogging has enhanced perception of his company and boosted employee loyalty.

As I've mentioned before a number of big American businesses are going into blogging. In due course it's going to seem strange if no one is blogging about a particular big company.

My own blog has generated interest with several people.

Remember that one of the strategies of a robust company is to have many ways of contacting a customer.

Just as an aside...

The reason why CRM is used by companies is due to the different ways customers want to talk to companies. Some want email, some want an internet feedback form, others a salesperson and others will want to read, or comment via, a blog.

Anyway, moving on...

Other companies, aside from American ones, need to seriously consider blogging. Unless they do they'll face competitors who are blogging and have a warm relationship with a number of customers and prospects because of it

Remember blogging isn't formal, is it?

So people can see the company and how it operates, warts and all. People are going to trust a company that blogs more than one that doesn't. Simply because the blogging company seems much more transparent about it's aim and what it does.

If you need help to get started blogging I encourage you to check out T.L.Pakii Pierce's fantastic blog in particular his lessons on how to blog.

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