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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Do You Know Who Invented Internet Marketing? Find out now.

I was reading the excellent Gary Halbert Letter where Gary was finishing telling us, his subscribers, about a particular piece of copy he wrote that was an absolute stormer. By the way if you want to write your own copy you must read Gary's stuff he is without doubt one of the best copywriters on the planet.

Anyway, hero worship out of the way...

About half-way down the letter Gary reveals that,

"On January 16, 1994 I, Sir Gary of Halbert, Invented Email And Internet Marketing!"

Further on he admits that he also invented spam.

Who'd have thought?

The point is though that he has the ability to catch people's attention with the unexpected. He's selling some 11 year old marketing-related tapes (which I have no doubt are fantastic). And he's able to draw us into buying them by involving us in his stories.

Go check out that letter and see what I mean. Then go forth and do likewise.

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