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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What One Thing Do You Want From A Business Growth Web Site?

If you want your business to make serious cash you need a great marketing strategy.

Notice I didn't say you need great marketing tactics.

That's because without a strategy you'll just try tactic after tactic until you hit on one that seems to work. But what if the next tactic you would've tried could have doubled your income?

Simply by churning through trying lots of different marketing tactics that's what you're in danger of doing. That's one of the reasons Jay Abraham says you shouldn't just market like everyone else in your industry if you want better results.


The strategy needs to look at your goals for your business then build in the tactics that you believe will achieve them.

And maybe you'll need to change some tactics as you go on. But as you've a strategy your marketing changes will be within your overall strategy. So you wont badly affect another part of your marketing approach.

Within my overall strategy one of my tactics was to have a where I would add to the content on a regular basis.

Unfortunately my choice of web development tool (it uses frames) meant that the site was difficult to make search engine friendly. So I've just not updated it. Instead I've decided to completely redevelop it using Dreamweaver.

I'm currently considering what things would be most useful for people looking for information and help on a business growth and marketing web site.

If you've any ideas email me, or comment, and I'll think about them and see if I can include them.

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