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Monday, November 07, 2005

Do You Commit These Sins With Radio Advertising?

How do you produce Radio Ads that perform?

Walter Koschnitzke is a passionate DJ and like Dan O' Day he wants people to produce radio ads that sell!

So with that in mind he's produced an irregular blog. One of the items I particularly liked on it is "The Sins Of Synergy".

Walter lists some fallacies regarding radio advertising

1) The number of ads is important- No, it’s the exposure frequency
2) Customer intention translates into sales - No, you can’t measure what hasn’t occurred. Because people change their minds.
3) Advertising is more important than the personal experience factor - look at me, like Walter's wife, I drink Coke, more advertising will not change my mind, ever.

My own take on this is that people say that radio doesn't work for their business. Given how many station types we have now I would be suprised if that is ever the case.

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