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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Seth Godin - Liar's Blog

Seth Godin's new book ("All Marketers Are Liars") makes the fantastic claim that all marketers are liars.

Then he differentiates between lies and story telling.

We the great unwashed public like to be told stories.

That has to be true doesn't it? Otherwise blogs just wouldn't have taken off.

So Seth has got together a number of interesting anecdotes about adverts and people that lie.

One very interesting point he makes on his Liars Blog is that politicians who can't or wont tells stories don't get elected by the electorate.

Similarly just the vanilla facts in your presentations isn't going to win you business...

So how do you go about getting together and telling a great story?

Doug Stevenson runs Story Theater International and has written a book about How to "How To Never Be Boring Again". A book that I wish 80% of the people I've heard speak had bought and memorised. But not only does Doug tell you about a better story he tells you how to present well too. Doug has retreats in the UK and USA where he trains people in exactly how to do it.

Another great story teller is Tom Antion - you can get his book ("Wake 'em Up! Business Presentations" ) to learn how to present your story for maximum impact too. An added bonus is that Tom's site is a mecca of links for all things speaking-related, including links to other sites. You could spend weeks retrieving the golden nuggets from everything you come across there.

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