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Friday, November 18, 2005

Make Your Blog Visible With The Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites

Robin Good's Exhaustive List of Directory and RSS Sites

Now this site I really like.

Robin seems to have made it a life's work to check through the Internet for sites where you can let people know about your blog.

It's without doubt the best blog resource I've found for a while.

Some of the links are dead, but usually Robin tells you if they are.

I'm currently up to site number 102 and I've not come to the end yet!

Also some of the sites are pure news sites so my blog wouldn't fit with them.


In general it's great.

Another great aspect is that Robin offers an email facility where you can get each new site added to the directory as it's added.

It's on my favourites list and I've subscribed!

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Ice Rocket : , ,
Flickr : , ,
Buzznet : , ,
43 Things : , ,

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