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Monday, November 21, 2005

Google Analytics - An Interim Verdict

Even Google says that Google Analytics sign-ups exceeded their most optimistic expectations.

They're having to add more infrastructure to cope with the demand for the service.

I thought Statcounter was good for free but Google Analytics is really brilliant for the reports you can get.

On the marketing side as an example you get the following:

Unique Visitor Tracking covering:

Daily Visitors
Visits & Pageview Tracking
Goal Conversion Tracking
Absolute Unique Visitors
Visitor Loyalty
Visitor Recency
Visitor Segment Performance
New vs Returning
Referring Source
Marketing Campaign Results
Campaign Conversion
Source Conversion
Medium Conversion
Referral Conversion
Campaign ROI
Source ROI
Medium ROI

Search Engine Marketing, covering the following:

CPC Program Analysis
Overall Keyword Conversion
CPC vs Organic Conversion
Keyword Considerations
Day Parts Breakdown

The only problem is that it does take some time for updated data to hit my account.

Like several days.

I'm assuming the updated infrastructure will improve things in due course. At which point I can give you a better impression of how it's working.

PS Google have been quick to act and have removed the spam check from my blog. Well done Google!

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