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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

For All Business Owners Who Want To Sell More

Gary Bencivenga the copywriter voted the "Best in America" by Boardroom, Inc. and other leading direct marketers has a fantastic ezine.

Of course it's free and he's not particularly pushing people's products. Or at least not overtly.

I've been a subscriber for a while now. But his latest edition is great. It talks about 'The “Fuzzy Dice” Secret
For Exploding Your Sales'. Which apart from being a nicely manufactured headline also has a great point an old salesman made to Gary.

The point was: "you'll corral lots more customers by intercepting them wherever they are looking for someone like you"

Which basically means if they're looking in the yellow pages - be there. If they're looking on the internet be there.

Gary gives a nice little case study about a very poorly performing car dealer which a salesman that understood this principle exploded their sales almost overnight!

I'd recommend you sign up for Gary's letter - it's very irregular but very rewarding.

Nice one Gary, great copywriting shines through all he does.

PS - I had titled this piece "For All Web Site Owners Who Want To Sell More" but then I realised this applies equally to every business.

PPS - We all know this don't we? But we know so much the important things can get left at the back of the brain and forgotten

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