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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Platform skills, free publicity special report

You want to be interviewed on TV, or interviewed on the radio, or maybe get an article in the print media.

To do that you must understand how the media work. There's several different and useful sites I've found over the years that have helpful newsletters and some great special reports. I'm going to give you just two to get on with...

The first is from Joan Stewart, also known as the Publicity Hound. Her web site and blog are interesting and her ezine is great too.

I blogged about one of her articles (see Corporate Hallucinations: Are there P.O.O.P.s in your publication?) which I thought was an excellent comment on boring PR.

The second is from Annie Jennings whose web site has a bunch of useful (and quick to read) special reports.

One that I liked in particular was Tips For Leaving An Effective Voice Mail. One of the points it makes is that your tone is a major decider as to whether someone will ring you back (or take your call if you ring back).

PR is not rocket science. But it does need an appreciation of your audience (journalists). Because they have a very astute eye for their own market (that is the people who read, watch listen to their output). Of course they happen to be your ultimate market too.

Ultimately there is a right and wrong way to produce a press release or news pitch. The resources I've given you are going to get you started on the right road.

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