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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Corporate Hallucinations: Are there P.O.O.P.s in your publication?

I love this idea. Thanks to Joan Stewart from the The Publicity Hound for drawing my attention to it.

An award for The "Photos that Ought to be Outlawed Permanently." Otherwise known as the POOP awards.

They've included the normal suspects of rubbish photos and the comments include my favourite: You have a VIP looking glassily at the camera as they appear to dig a hole.

I must hold my hand up here though. I've been very guilty. back when I did a newsletter for the ICI WINGS project I put a photograph of the team in looking as though they'd been frozen in time.

There was no drama, no emotion.

I think we need to institute another award - DRIP or "Drama Really In the Photo". The criteria for this prestigious award being those photos that manage to move away from corporate dullness and bring some romance/drama/comedy/horror into our corporate world.

Like it says in the comments to the POOP posting. Please, no more comedy big scissors, or for that matter huge cardboard bank cheques.

I'm off now to think of my first DRIP candidate...

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