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Monday, October 31, 2005

Marketing Barbados Style

I talked about some of the countries my friendly readers are from.

Some are from the Friendly Isle itself - Barbados.

It got me thinking.

I love the place. Barbados gets five stars from me. It's also got an old friend from college there too.

But it's right it's friendly, the rum punch is great and the sun almost always seems to shine - even when it's raining!

But what I was thinking was ...

"Why does your average Bajan read a blog dedicated to helping businesses grow more powerfully?"

Of course it's obvious really Bajans compete in their own country, the Carribean, the USA and the rest of the world too. Why wouldn't they want to find snippets that'll help them get the edge?

So marketing Barbados style is actually the same marketing that applies across the world.

The point I'm making is that marketing is universal. The principles are universal. I know in the UK we often say American style marketing is too much for us. Is it though? Or is it just that we've not applied the right psycholgical principles when we write our copy?

In the end direct response marketing is measurable. So we know whether our copy works, or not. So we can easily test direct response against more "image-led" marketing.

Although personally I wouldn't want to test image-based marketing, unless I was Cocoa-Cola or Avis or British Airways. After all can you easily tie sales to an image-led campaign?

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