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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Do You Make These Mistakes In Networking?

Isn't it interesting?

Sometimes your marketeer displays cobblers shoes syndrome.

As a case in point I went to a networking lunch meeting today.

We heard a great presentation from a Price Waterhouse Coopers all about fraud.

I then chatted, and I use the term advisedly, to just a few people. Two of whom were PWC people.

I'd made the classic mistake of having absolutely no objective for attending the meeting. So I didn't actually achieve anything either - other than a pleasant lunch.

So what mistakes are possible? Here's my own list of baddies, I'm sure more could be added:

1) No objective for attending the networking session
2) Meeting and staying with the same person at the session
3) Talking too much and not listening for how you can help the other person
4) Forgetting that a sale may be made not from the attendees but from someone they know
5) Not focusing on the person you're talking to and looking round the room
6) Taking too much time and not politely leaving to network with others
7) Being too shy to network with a bigwig
8) Trying to sell even though the person obviously doesn't want or need your offering
9) Not trying to find common ground
10) Arriving late and/or leaving early
11) Talking to your friends
12) Lying about achievements, offerings, resources - don't do it

There, that's better off my chest. I've made one or two of those myself. But hey I'm practising on being more perfect!

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