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Monday, October 03, 2005

Good Copywriters Are Created From A Mould Of Solid Gold

I've borrowed and changed the headline. It's a quote from Max Boyce's song about that great Welsh rugby player Barry John.

It just seemed to fit the piece from

At first I was reading about scenarios and thinking I'd lost the will to live.

Then hey presto a little nugget presented itself half way down the page.

The team had been asked if they could recommend any good online copywriters. They said no but then listed the criteria so you'd recognise them.

Hurrah. The answer to a client's dreams surely?

Yes and No.

Let me explain...

Every copywriter would say that they fulfil those criteria. I certainly would.

I mean we're all these:

1) creative.
2) intelligent
3) empathizers
4) well-read
5) good listeners
6) organized
7) deadline-oriented
8) client managers
9) simple communicators
10) consistent
11) humble
12) web-savvy
13) themselves writers

I'm assuming that grokdotcom also fulfil their own criteria.

Interestingly enough I had a conversation with an expert Internet user who wasn't persuaded by long copy pages (as against shot copy). Yet has long copy.


The only things I'd add as extras are:

14) interested
15) entertaining

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