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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Explain Why Anyone Would Write Press Releases

People often say that a press release is a waste of time because they never get used.

I disagree. For two reasons:

1) targetted press releases get your name known to your target journalists
2) journalists always need news to fill otherwise blank pages.

That means that as a journalist becomes comfortable with what you're saying they're more willing to listen to news items or come to you for your views. Because you've proven that you're not just some nut who can string together some words.

The plain fact is that without press releases some trade magazines would be running on empty.

Now notice that I say targetted news releases. Releases that are simply created and sprayed around at any media that's there is unlikely to get coverage.

It's better to write a core release and adapt it to the readers of the target media.

That said, I mentioned that I was going to blog on PR to an ex-coachee (Mathew, Hi Mathew - he's my solitary blog reader!). And in the same breath I talked about

It's a global press release web site. Simply browsing all its press releases would keep you there for a few months.

It has a free account where you can release your press releases to. There are also upgrades (that you pay for) which give you progressively better exposure. The press releases are available pretty much world wide. Although obviously there's a lot of American stuff there.

There are other sites that offer free press releases. One such site is The difference about this site is that it uses a wire service too.

Take a look, these are just two of the services available for getting your message out.

And do also look at targetting your press releases.

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