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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"So now You Know Blogs Do Have A Dark Side"

Jim Edwards writes about the dark side of blogs in this article.

As I say in his comments section: "It really is 'buyer beware' when reading blogs. But actually, although blogs are much more immediate than web sites I think web sites are also something to beware of."

But really it's much more than even that. It comes down to how you build trust with people you've never even seen.

As we all know giving ebooks, e-courses and other services helps people to understand how you operate and come to trust you a bit more than the average man in the street.

Certainly there's no doubt that if you take someone's ezine to read or a long term blog (more than 6 months with many postings) you're going to begin to understand how they think.

Look at me as an example here. You may not know me from Adam. But I'm sure you've got your own opinion on me. It's human nature. I've got a number of returning readers to this blog which is pleasant.

But that is likely to mean they're looking for similar items of interest that I do. It doesn't mean they like me. But it does mean they're interested in what I say and/or the things I point out, or maybe opine over.

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