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Monday, October 17, 2005

Is RSS The Most Important Thing To Hit the Web?

Ken Evoy's site answers that question by educating you in a very understated but useful way.

I've been using RSS for a while now.

I think most people who understand the implications of RSS are doing it too.

What are the implications?

Well think about all the milions of web sites on the Internet. Many don't ever get updated, their content remains the same. But you've read that site you don't really want to ever go back unless the content changes. And that change interests you.

RSS allows you to check without the hassle of surfing over to the site.

You can subscribe to content that looks as if it could be interesting and you get to test the authors information on a regular basis using the RSS feeds. If ultimately they're not interesting, delete it! You're in control. Now you need never visit the site again.

But if you find a little gem of a site, or a blog, you can subscribe and away you go.

I'm currently using Pluck which is an easy to use RSS reader that integrates easily into IE, Firefox and Mozilla. If you download it now (it's ... Fr.eee!) you can sign up for my blog (see the little orange XML button on the right there. One click and you can read my blog's new notes, usually most days at the moment.

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