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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The 16 Immutable Laws Of Growing Business Marketing

Robert Craven has a great little article explaining his 16 immutable marketing laws.

As human beings we seem to like lists. I know I'm always attracted by them. Think of Jay Abraham's book Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got: 21 Ways You Can Out-think, Out-perform and Out-earn the Competition (affiliate link to Amazon).

It's made up from a list of 21 things you must do to get business. And a great read by the way!

Anyway, getting back to Robert's article.

I particularly like the Law of The Kiss. It's simplicity itself. Keep It Simple Stupid!

Basically Robert argues, and I agree, that marketing doesn't need to be complex. In fact complexity can obscure the message.

Much of my time as a copywriting coach is spent simplifying client's copy.

I must admit quite a bit is also spent wrestling to get more "unprofessional" emotion in too.

Another bit of Robert's article relates to Questions. Is a question important?

Let me come back to the answer to that in a moment.

Now. Think about it.

You're wondering what the answer is aren't you? Or you've probably aready answered it in your head.

The answer is that questions are vitally important.

When you write copy you need to make sure that you answer all the questions your prospect has. And make sure that the answers don't generate a "so what". Because a "so what" usually stops your prospect reading and off they go to look elsewhere for what you could've sold them.

So do you think questions are important?

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