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Monday, October 03, 2005

Which eBooks Get Read?

Loyal followers of this blog may recollect that I've written an ebook. A number of people have received it.

I asked a few about it and as one they all said pretty much the same thing. "It looks great. I'm going to read it tonight/this weekend/tomorrow".

Now I know the stuff I've put into that ebook will help any business.

So why haven't they read it?

If I look at my own ebook directory it fairly bulges with ebooks. Both paid for and not!

Have I read them all?

Simply no. There's not enough time in a year to read all the ebooks that purport to solve your life, career, business and relationship problems.

What I've started doing is skimming one a day. If the writer is interesting I keep going. If not I chuck (delete) the ebook.

Is it the best way to do things?

Yes. Because I've also noted that the same topics get covered by different authors.

Eventually I'll find an author who writes the way I like to read.

Maybe my own writing style needs to be friendlier, More inclusive, less inclusive, grammatically correct?

Who knows.

I'll keep writing and the readers who like my style will like my book and profit from it. Good luck to you whoever you are!

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