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Monday, October 31, 2005

Do You Find Yourself Re-Reading Books Without Realising It? What Do You Do About It?

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm having senior moments.

You know when you do/say/think/read/hear something you've already done/said/though/read/heard.

It happend to me again just now.

I was quietly reading yet more marketing stuff, specifically Seth Godin's interesting ebook on blogging: Who's There?

Seth identifies something I think many serial bloggers think.

As a blogger it's a feeling you always get because your stats don't identify indivduals. You don't really know who's reading your blog. Is it helping? Is it just plain annoying?

But anyway, I digress...

I was reading the ebook and suddenly realised I'd already read it, and quite recently too.

Once more it prompted me to promise myself to maintain my "E-books I've Read" Excel spreadsheet. A spreadsheet I set-up when I was doing a massive amount of online research into marketing in all its glory. Because even then (probably 10 years ago now) I had senior moments!

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