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Friday, October 14, 2005

Coaches Are They Really As Much Use As A Chocolate Fireguard?

Well today was an interesting blogging journey.

the first thing that caught my eye was this piece on coaching and mentoring in Business Week.

It wasn't about marketing, simply about a business disaster averted.

Bottom line. Get a coach or mentor who you're comfortable with and whose advice you can follow.

The big thing about a coach is that they can't do the work for you (hmm. Actually not totally true because I've dived in and helped people with their copy before now).

Anyway, the point is this...

Coaches hold you responsible. They'll listen to your reasons (excuses usually) and gently, or not depending, help you to reach the best course of action.

I'm lucky both my brothers are in business too so we all help/coach/mentor each other.

So I'm for coaches, although I do hate the quasi-psychiatric approaches I've heard from some. Please don't do it near me it makes me want to throw up.

Psychiatric-style Coaches "Get real! You're talking to real people".

Anyway. So I read to the end of this blog and noticed the first comment from SR suggesting I look at SixDisciplines Blog.

So I dutifully cruised over. Great, my kind of blog - stuffed with quotes from people who, usually, have been there.

When I returned to the article I read through the other comments and one by stone caught me eye. It went

" It is wonderful and fruitful to learn something from a mentor's experience. However, past is past, now is now, and future is future. Entrepreneur must have his owm thinking and action"

Which I thought was a bit weird and obvious. An entrepreneur by that very label is not a sheep and they can't be told what to do they will always check, re-check and argue if they disagree. Because, guess what? It's their money on the line - nobody else's.

So for the entreprenur who thinks for themselves and is willing to challenge what a coach says but as the same is also willing to try what is suggested coaching will work. So as I said coaches are useful and as we increasingly specalise in business vital.

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