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Thursday, October 27, 2005

How To Profit From Not Cashing Your Customer's Cheque

You've heard me wax lyrical about Gary Halbert before.

Well the latest letter he's posted on his site is very interesting.

It's all about risk reversal. Specifically Gary contends that if you say to a customer something like:

"send me a cheque but I wont cash it until you've been able to use the goods for 30 days. If at that point you're not satisfied send them back and we send you back your uncashed cheque and you'll owe us nothing."

Joe Karbo used it to sell "The Lazy Man's Way To Riches", Nightingale-Conant use it when you send for their audio sets and here in sunny Britain Paul Gorman used it to sell his own direct marketing book breathtakingly called "How to Out-sell, Out-market, Out-promote, Out-advertise, Everyone Else You Compete Against, Before They Even Know What Hit Them See "How To Outsell at Amazon (affiliate link).

I bought Paul and Joe's books exactly that way.

And the psychology was perfect.

I didn't know Paul Gorman from Adam at the time. But because he was removing the risk for me by holding my cheque for 30 days I sent off for the book.

It proved to be an enjoyable and useful read. Many of the strategies and tactics Paul covered I'd already been taught by Jay Abraham. But it was useful to get a different slant. As a result I didn't ask for my money back - so that worked.

Joe Karbo, exactly the same. Sent for the book. Found it interesting but not what I would have bought normally. Joe got to keep my cheque too.

Look at Gary's letter and see the maths that means holding a cheque or credit card details for 30 days is going to really help you sell more.

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