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Monday, October 17, 2005

How You Can Get That Message Into Your Brain

This site is interesting because I bought the original incarnation of this software.

It's job is to suddenly appear for a split second on your screen and flash a subliminal message, you've set-up, on your PC screen.

It claims to resolve all sorts of issues, including everyone's worst nightmare "public speaking".

I don't know whether it works. But it was fun using it until my computer died last year and I lost the software.

My computer was a 2.2MHz machine so could pretty easily cope with the interruptions. But if you have anything slower I wouldn't know if it worked.

It appears to work on the well-known principles that the brain can actually pick up and process everything you see. I mean everything!

It doesn't matter for how little amount of time your eyes actually see it. Your conscious mind might struggle to read it but your sub-conscious will register and deal with it.

Interesting ...

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