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Monday, November 14, 2005

Did You Know That Confucious Was Wrong?

Actually if you read the this article The Brain's Ear For Info -

by Jack Trout you'll hear that in fact we've mis-translated what he said.

We've all thought he said,

"a picture is worth a thousand words."

Universally, we're all wrong. Jack had the phrase re-translated and it actually said,

"A picture is worth a thousand pieces of gold."

Jack then goes onto investigate whether hearing is more important for retention than seeing.

Guess what?

Yes, indeed. Hearing something actually means you retain it better. And reading, because you're hearing it in your head, works better for retention too.

What does that mean to us?

Firstly, I'm afraid it bears out what I've always said about brochures. The words in them sell. The pictures don't.

That said it's still useful to have the support of appropriate pictures. Pictures where it's obvious how they relate to the words and which have a caption explaining about the picture.

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