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Thursday, November 17, 2005

How Can You Get Tied Up By Blog Spam?


I've been using a lovely little product from for producing my blog.

It's great for formatting, easier than Bloggers own editing tool and you can compose your post offline.

Then suddenly this week the upload of my posts stopped.

I investigated and found that Word Verification (usually to stop comment spam) had been turned on by Blogger.

I couldn't post without entering the verification code, so Zoundry couldn't do it.

The reason it had been turned of?

Because my blog "has the characteristics of a spam blog"...

Well thanks very much!

Come on Blogger I know my posts aren't full of nosensical text, or loads of links to the same spam, I don't "scrape content from other sites" and I'm not guilty of "using other people's writing ".

I mean Bloggers own definition of spam blogs is that they:

"can be recognised by their irrelevant, repetitive or nonsensical text,
along with a large number of links, usually all pointing to a single site"

Blogger Please note: I've copied and pasted this from your help information so I hope this isn't counted as scraping!

So what happened? Did someone report it as a spam blog, have I pinged the blog directories once too often? Maybe my posts are too long (hmm, must be the long beats short copywriting blood in my veins).

I'm sure Blogger will let me know in due course - I'm guessing but I suspect it's going to take days, maybe weeks, to sort out.

So in the meantime ... I don't know how I got tagged as a spam blog but ...

Blogger has tied me to their editor and I can't post in as nice a format as I'd like.

PS If I was being Machivellian I'd think that a competitor had flagged the site as objectionable (no it's ok I'm only joking).

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