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Friday, December 23, 2005

Social Proof Is Testimonials Multipled

Everyone talks about "Social Proof" as though it's some sort of amazing secret that every marketeer needs to get in on.

It's not.

I've already blogged on this subject, see the previous link.

It's the power of testimonials multiplied.

So in my previous post I showed you that a lot of people read my blog.

But when it comes down to it social proof is truly simply mass testimonials.

But rather than having one or two testimonials in your marketing you clump them together and say things like:

"1,000 people a day are changing to Ritegard mouthwash"

So if the advertising says a thousand people are changing, every day... what do you think?

It makes you think you should at least look at why, or try it yourself - Bingo!

It wouldn't have the same impact if you said, "read these testimonials from 1,000 people".

This exact technique is being used in an advertising campaign by British Gas on UK TV.

So make sure you keep all your testimonials and occasionally go through them and see if you can draw any statistics like that from them.

As with all marketing make sure it's genuine statistics. Remember:

"There lies, damned lies and statistics"

After all you want to make profits the best way you can don't you?

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