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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Free Advertising Blog Surfaces

This is an offer I felt I couldn't refuse.

Carl Galletti who is a good marketeer sent me an email about this free ads blog site: Free Advertising Blog: (yes he's an affiliate of this offer but hey...) .

To be brutually honest I can't imagine that it's going to make me a millionaire because my revenue depends on copywriting and coaching. I'm going to see if it improves my blog traffic much.

By the way do remember my post about not using 'A' list celeb names to attract traffic?

Well, I checked out my stats for the post Why You Mustn't Cheat At Getting More Traffic and I actually got 3 times the number of unique vistors I usually get.

Anyway let's see if it works when I use a free blog ad service. Try it yourself too.

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