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Monday, December 05, 2005

How To Get The Greatest Impact For A Driving School (A Free Christmas Gift Answer)

As promised I've selected another Christmas Gift question from the ones I've been asked (see How You Can Get Some Free Copywriting Help as a Christmas Gift).

One of my ex-coachees, Kev, is involved in two businesses. His question was:

"What is the one most powerful tool We can use to make the greatest impact for our Driving School making us stand out above all others (the No1) in a very competative market place Where everyone knows a Driving Instructor?"

Again this is a question many businesses ask. The pat answer is to say, "use referrals". Normally I'd say that too But this is more of a slow burn gathering of prospects. A more impactful way is to use publicity as I outline for Kev in the answer.

I should also say that I'd already told Kev the best way to produce and distribute a press release and media pack and have covered how to respond so journalists can get a good story. So that isn't covered in the answer.

So Kev's Christmas Gift Answer was as follows:

Hi Kev

Good to hear from you.

I'm feeling great and looking forward to Christmas too!

The first thing that you must have before any tools are applied is a Unique Selling Point:

Think of things like:

  • are you cheaper
  • have better cars
  • have more experienced instructors
  • get a better pass rate
  • provide guaranteed passes

Then once you believe you have a unique advantage get some major publicity.
There are so many things that a driving school can do to get great publicity

1) Challenge the worst driving school failure in Yorkshire to take lessons with you (publicity when you take them on, publicity when they pass -- which they will wont they?)

2) Write a booklet on tips to help people pass their test - get to the press

3) Write a booklet about motorway driving tips for new drivers - get to the press

4) Have an open day at Hull Kingston Rovers as we spoke about before

5) Have a procession of driving instructors going somewhere to celebrate your 3/4/5th birthday

6) Who's your oldest passing driver/ youngest/weirdest

7) Dress up all your instructors up as Father Christmas and have a toy collection then drive to different children's homes to deliver them

But above all get publicity - and the best time for publicity (apart from the holidays)?
Normally it's between Christmas and New Year - usually little or no news (although that didn't work this year!)

So my answer is publicity is a powerful tool and doesn 't need to be only papers, use magazines, the local TV and radio stations.

That is going to raise your profile, but make sure you do it in the way we discussed.


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