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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Is Search Engine Marketing Important If You Have A Blog?

Search engine marketing generates the lifeblood for blogs - Traffic.

Important? Yes...

But a little wrinkle that blogs have is that blog readers can subscribe to blogs and get their latest posts via an RSS feed.

Now we all know that.

So does that mean that we don't need to consider search engine marketing when creating a blog?

It's like the person who built the best mousetrap in the world. No one beats a path to their door until they've heard about it. So an eye on what search engines are looking for is essential when marketing your blog.

Mine is no different. I used several high profile words in a previous post to demonstrate to myself that search engines rule when it comes to generating traffic.

Sure enough in 12 hours I doubled my number of visitors.

Any search engine optimiser will tell you there are lots of other wrinkles that help get you into the top of the search listings.

But the main one has to be good content oriented around appropriate use of your own niche markets keywords. How do you find a good selection of keywords that are being actively looked for in your market?

Well there are a number of free tools around.

One I like (because it's a web based keyword tool) is Another one that covers a variety of search engines is Good Keywords.

If you want to make any sort of quick impact through your blog you need to consider using keywords.

To be honest I've rarely used search engine marketing techniques in this blog purely because I enjoy writing. I hope you enjoy what you read but really it's writing content that I think is useful that I concentrate on. It helps me ... get straight how I introduce my clients to different online and offline marketing thoughts.

A last thought on search engines. I blogged about Google's search algorithm and its view of links. Blogs should cultivate links too. How you cultivate links I'll leave to another time - but links do bring in more traffic.

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